FREE Engrave – 17 Key Kalimba with Pick Up Pure Mahogany

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Free service: Engrave name/text on the kalimba

For Engraving, follow the instructions below:

  1. Add to cart your selected product.
  2. Click CHECKOUT.
  3. On your checkout page, fill-in your shipping information as usual. Look for the Additional Details box.
  4. Add your text in the space provided. We will engrave it on your kalimba at the bottom part.

If you want further instruction like how big it is or if you want it centered, left or right-aligned, just let us know by including it in your notes on checkout. Thank you!




If you like your Kalimba to have sound pickup, just select it from the product variations.

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Verified Buyer
7 Feb 2020 23:35

Perfect product. Recommended.

Verified Buyer
6 Feb 2020 14:21

Good quality store, good quality product

Verified Buyer
5 Feb 2020 15:30

The class thing, if you lower the line by one and a half tone, reconfigure in A minor, sounds lower, louder and extreme notes start to sound better

Verified Buyer
2 Feb 2020 23:22

High quality kalimba.

Verified Buyer
2 Feb 2020 10:02

I ordered as a gift to my husband, he is very pleased. The parcel was tracked at all stages and came very quickly to Belgorod

Verified Buyer
29 Jan 2020 22:48

It came for 2 weeks in Ulyanovsk. The sound is excellent worth your money. I tried through the combo amplifier-everything works. There are no defects, configured. In general, take will not regret

Verified Buyer
29 Jan 2020 01:15

If you want to get the same with pictures and descriptions, the store is very concerned

Verified Buyer
28 Jan 2020 14:44

Everything came as in the description, well packed, alas expected better sound, the extreme tongues do not sound at all

Verified Buyer
28 Jan 2020 13:31

It came in without any missing as we saw in the photo. I paid $15 on the customs tax, but I'm thinking about your grandfather. I recommend those who want to. The cargo arrived in 55 days!

Verified Buyer
27 Jan 2020 06:45

Super satisfied, exceptional quality. Asked to record a name in kalimba and so did! With all the accessories. Took 2 months to arrive

Verified Buyer
22 Jan 2020 04:19

Bide look after all function is coming. Audio plug Jack pre purchase by two, was used. Membrane over today getting book connected the actual use to look real mens European. This plunger run multiple speakers connected to the saw but ㅠ ㅠ ㅠ ㅠ ㅠ ㅠ ㅠ What's the problem with the is also well know. ARM buttons decision.

Verified Buyer
21 Jan 2020 12:10

Great. I bought my son as a gift. Delivery a little more than a month. Packed qualitatively.

Verified Buyer
21 Jan 2020 06:02

Great! Even a name! A little not in the place where I wanted, but kalimbu it does not spoil) packed in a box and a doll, thank you very much!

Verified Buyer
19 Jan 2020 00:21

The product as described in the store is very related thanks.

Verified Buyer
18 Jan 2020 08:13

sounds very nice. tuning is ok. my one have arrived in broken condition, the pickup mic is not fixed, so i glue it and its ok.

Verified Buyer
16 Jan 2020 08:33

Beautiful product. Above of my expectations. Thank you

Verified Buyer
16 Jan 2020 02:50

I live in Turkey and so far I have not ordered any products. So I was worried but this kalimba came in about 1 month a lot thank you very kindly at a reliable store store

Verified Buyer
15 Jan 2020 02:40

It is pretty good. Nothing wrong or different than their offer. Thanks for selling.

Verified Buyer
14 Jan 2020 02:52

I ordered the product from Turkey, it found 1 month to reach my hand, it is really worth waiting.

Verified Buyer
11 Jan 2020 08:39

Got it really quick! Could use some tuning but for the price this is truly a amazing purchase

Verified Buyer
10 Jan 2020 05:18

The product came in complete form as in the description. Very nice!

Verified Buyer
7 Jan 2020 06:41

Filling piece, perfect for the original gift, do not have to be a musician)

Verified Buyer
7 Jan 2020 03:08

I highly recommend this shop! The package was strong enough to protect the Kalimba on the way its long journey to Hungary. Shipment took about a month. About the item: this is the cutest instrument ever! :) When ordering it, I was kind of mistrustful regarding the sound, but as a musician I can say that it exceeds my expectations. It sounds with such nice reverb, as in the youtube videos. Buy it with confidence!

Verified Buyer
29 Dec 2019 04:10

Just received it. It’s amazing & its sound is great. The same package has arrived same as explained in the store pictures. Thanks for the seller and AliExpress.

Verified Buyer
24 Dec 2019 05:41

its the second time i bought this kalimba, as normal it takes a month and some days to arrive, but it arrived, with everything on the box, i recommend

Verified Buyer
23 Dec 2019 14:39

Very good looking, nice own logo on it. Very good with the electric external speaker!

Verified Buyer
21 Dec 2019 05:59

Good afternoon! This tool is just amazing! Beautiful melody, and you can not learn to play it already and still it will be beautiful and melodious. Thank you very much to the store!

Verified Buyer
17 Dec 2019 00:13

high price. Doesn't need amplifier. very high ses so you ddont have to buy this. you can buy without amplifier jack.

Verified Buyer
16 Dec 2019 07:31

I'm satisfied, the product is nice and the shipment was really quick.

Verified Buyer
13 Dec 2019 08:28

Everything is well packed, without damage. The sound is great!

Verified Buyer
13 Dec 2019 00:22

My friend who wants to buy from Turkey, comfortable ol al 20gun arrived in the water like very good quality and 15tl tax aldilar

Verified Buyer
12 Dec 2019 22:08

Product exactly as described. Arrived in 3 weeks. 26 pounds of tax. I think worth it. Considering looking to take.

Verified Buyer
11 Dec 2019 06:15

All right, my girlfriend loved this, arrived in 28 days in Davinópolis-MA/BR THE sound is very beautiful. Hit my expectations and am satisfied. Recommend the store!

Verified Buyer
10 Dec 2019 13:27

It arrived earlier than the estimated shipping time and there is no shortage of the product. It is very beautiful

Verified Buyer
10 Dec 2019 09:33

Came in one week. Thanks. Works. High notes don’t sound so well, but for the price it’s good

Verified Buyer
10 Dec 2019 05:49

It looks good, but the extreme tongues are almost not audible

Verified Buyer
9 Dec 2019 08:06

Very good product, helpful and efficient store. Received in 1 month. Thank you very much!

Verified Buyer
9 Dec 2019 05:24

Beautiful ! Thank you

Verified Buyer
9 Dec 2019 01:36

That's it. When you take it in your hands, especially after a more expensive tool, you immediately understand what you saved. The most cheap tree, not very pleasantly felt in the hands, thin petals, extreme, as already mentioned, almost do not sound. When connected to the amplifier is audible, and it is very unpleasant, nail clicks on the petals and other extraneous sounds, so it is more pleasant to use it without an amplifier. However, for such a price, perhaps, it is not necessary to find fault-everything is expected. Of course, not a professional option, but for the soul will go. Set exactly as in the photo. It is convenient that the notes are embossed directly on the petals.

Verified Buyer
8 Dec 2019 22:43

Mantab Nyuk

Verified Buyer
8 Dec 2019 02:00

All soup!! Full set!! Even engraving with name made;)

Verified Buyer
7 Dec 2019 08:44

Received. The tool is configured. Sound fantastic. Thank you. I recommend. Good store!)

Verified Buyer
5 Dec 2019 02:21

Beautiful instrument, great sound on amplifier(very sensitive microphone), great communication and engravement. Recommend 10000%

Verified Buyer
4 Dec 2019 00:15

Sound or summer OK! Amplifier connection when sound well met contact me ~ shipping period the light bulb! Caustic non-if you think seems decent!

Verified Buyer
2 Dec 2019 09:57

Super nice store, agreed to burn in the front and back, really super nice. Thank you very much, really. The product is very good, I'm happy

Verified Buyer
1 Dec 2019 16:50

Excellent I like it very much for pricipiants and learning.

Verified Buyer
29 Nov 2019 08:17

Very happy with the quality. The instrument is very melodious.

Verified Buyer
28 Nov 2019 11:35

The product of packing is good, in the photo CE is visible.

Verified Buyer
28 Nov 2019 08:16

Came pretty fast. Everything is fine. The sound is cool. No complaints.

Verified Buyer
27 Nov 2019 22:56

Great product I recommend. Test on AMP works niquel

Verified Buyer
25 Nov 2019 11:06

I like it very much. My name was written on it.

Verified Buyer
23 Nov 2019 02:23

The product reached my hand in less than 1 month, 14.5 TL customs tax came out, the store was very interested in every question answered, when it comes to the product in the pictures and video, I say take the same one without thinking about a very good quality kalimba

Verified Buyer
21 Nov 2019 10:59

Sounds great, the high notes are a bit hard to play, but it's absolutely great for such a low price. It's also really nice of the store to allow for custom engraving. They responded really quickly to my message.

Verified Buyer
20 Nov 2019 05:19

Very cool kalimba, at my request also wrote the name.

Verified Buyer
18 Nov 2019 08:08

I live in Turkey the product reached my hand full 1 month but the product is great. Everything is complete and very good quality. Highly recommend absolutely!

Verified Buyer
16 Nov 2019 06:09

Sounds great, high quality instrument and accessories.

Verified Buyer
14 Nov 2019 03:54

14 Days Delivery, looks and sounds good. It is already my second Orders

Verified Buyer
13 Nov 2019 04:21

Not bad, the sound is pleasant :)

Verified Buyer
8 Nov 2019 07:40

absolutely love it .

Verified Buyer
7 Nov 2019 19:25

It came on time and solid.

Verified Buyer
4 Nov 2019 11:29

Wouahhhh I'm really great fan!!!! I recommend! My logo is perfect!!! Excellent communication with the store!!! Just missing a small manual so that the purchase is more than perfect!!! A thousand and a thank you

Verified Buyer
2 Nov 2019 11:35

Thanks, it works. How to get to the connection via minijack, I will add a review

Verified Buyer
1 Nov 2019 21:38

The goods in the contract, checked-everything is in place, came quickly. I took it as a gift, so I can not check-not the musician and the equipment for recording is not As soon as I give-I can complement the review.

Verified Buyer
28 Oct 2019 16:37


Verified Buyer
25 Oct 2019 13:28

All came in time, track tracking, more thanks, everything works, no damage

Verified Buyer
25 Oct 2019 06:47

He came to Turkey in a month, but it was worth what I expected. It has a very relaxing sound and is very easy to play. If you are undecided about whether to take it

Verified Buyer
24 Oct 2019 14:48

Very good quality fast delivery as it appears

Verified Buyer
19 Oct 2019 11:28

Cool tool! Not yet tried with the pickup, but sounds acoustically excellent. Thank you for the goods!

Verified Buyer
19 Oct 2019 02:36

Fine delivery; super fast and good verzord. So Much thanks for the perfect delivery. Albert. The Netherlands.

Verified Buyer
13 Oct 2019 03:15

Order 28.09.2019 received 12.10.2019 city of yekaterinburg. The store is well done, thank you very much for the fast delivery, the goods just arrived on the day of the celebration of the son. Another seller made a name engraving!!! The quality of the goods at the height, checked, sounds good, the connection to the column has passed successfully. I advise the seller and the goods!!! 100% 5 stars Order 28.09.2019 received 12.10.2019 city of yekaterinburg. Seller well done, thank you very much for the fast delivery, the goods just arrived on the day of the celebration of the son. The seller made an engraving of a name!!! The quality of the goods at the height, checked, sounds good, connection to the column was successful. I advise the seller and the goods!!! 5 stars 100%

Verified Buyer
10 Oct 2019 21:51

Beautifully sounds, after setting the hammer ceased to match the sound of the left and right sides.

Verified Buyer
10 Oct 2019 08:31

Good !

Verified Buyer
8 Oct 2019 14:28

Wonderful tool! Tuned, with pure, surround sound. The edges are quieter and quieter, but it's physics. Came quickly. I held in my hands a few calibres, there is something to compare with. This is out of competition. Thank you! Ordered already, by the way the second as a gift)

Verified Buyer
7 Oct 2019 20:47

thank you store for the very fast delivery, the package arrived with no any damage, i love the quality of this kalimba and the sound is good. thank you

Verified Buyer
7 Oct 2019 10:50

Delivery 3 weeks to estonia, sounds great, thank you very much to the store

Verified Buyer
6 Oct 2019 12:52

It ıs so beautiful kalimba

Verified Buyer
27 Sep 2019 09:30

Nice kalimba! I asked to engrave my logo and it's really pretty. Thanks, I'm very happy with it.

Verified Buyer
26 Sep 2019 19:07

Perfect condition and quality product, recommend for Brasil! Delivery made in 28 days in Northeast!

Verified Buyer
24 Sep 2019 21:59

A wonderful tool, glad to own it. Thank the store.

Verified Buyer
24 Sep 2019 12:00


Verified Buyer
20 Sep 2019 09:35

Urun as in photos, beautiful product

Verified Buyer
16 Sep 2019 02:10

I ordered the product on August 3, arrived on September 16. But as you can see, everything came true and solid. Seller is not delayed in communication. You can order conveniently. I can not make professional comment on the sound to learn how to play it again but I like it :)

Verified Buyer
11 Sep 2019 21:57

Superb! Perfect condition and works well. Nice, accurate sound and easy to play. The text I asked for was carved on top of the kalimba. Great piece!

Verified Buyer
10 Sep 2019 06:28

The product arrived nice, the packaging was nice. But because I was in Turkey, the taxes ended me. Haven't tried the right entry yet, I hope he doesn't have a problem.

Verified Buyer
10 Sep 2019 04:34

Chic tool, came very quickly, i will soon order more :)

Verified Buyer
10 Sep 2019 00:38

As in the picture. It shipped the product early, but it took 1,5 months because they were very expected at customs. And a customs fee of $30. Reliable store was a nice gift I think

Verified Buyer
9 Sep 2019 02:38

Very satisfied with the order!!! Arrived 11 days before omsk!!! I took without a cable, reading reviews i was afraid that something would not be so with sound, but no! Everything is fine, the sound is very beautiful, i really like it!!!

Verified Buyer
9 Sep 2019 02:08

Great tool. Plays well. It's all set up. Thank you

Verified Buyer
6 Sep 2019 22:47

Excellent sound, last notes are lost, but it's spectacular. I recommend

Verified Buyer
6 Sep 2019 06:48

we really love it very good material. thank you so much

Verified Buyer
28 Aug 2019 09:04

THE Kalimba is perfect, comes oiled and instruments for maintenance. Use more than a month and still not desafinou, super recommend.

Verified Buyer
28 Aug 2019 00:27

Excellent packed, arrived without damage. Sounds good (except the upper e, it just does not, the tuner hears it, and the ear does not). In the kit a bunch of everything, starting with stickers and ending with a hammer for adjustment and cover. Requires adjustment! Actually, like any instrument. In general, everything is cool

Verified Buyer
27 Aug 2019 10:56

great tune, quality product, AAAA+ SELLER

Verified Buyer
26 Aug 2019 12:38

great product, great sound! shipped quicker than expected.

Verified Buyer
24 Aug 2019 01:03

hi, may i know is this suppose to stick to the base? or is just hang around?

Verified Buyer
21 Aug 2019 14:08

Excellent service, it came earlier and has everything they promised, i really loved it

Verified Buyer
21 Aug 2019 00:20

The package arrived after few weeks of purchase. The product does not impress me as the sound is very much dimmed and not clear - hence the price. Overall I have the product of quality indicated by the price. Good starter for kids or for trying some new musical instrument. Thank you for the trade.

Verified Buyer
20 Aug 2019 03:48

Think quicker. Sound is high then, the short, bound to the structure design seem to four. Chromatic also had better if you did seems to be is readily this was lightly.

Verified Buyer
17 Aug 2019 13:56

Delivery took 10 days. Completeness corresponds to the description. Tool without damage.

Verified Buyer
16 Aug 2019 06:03

Good instrument i now trying to tune it well for easy learning I hope to learn along with my children.

Verified Buyer
16 Aug 2019 00:36

Got, sounds good, magical. The only question to her about the extreme tongues, sound in the strict but practically do not resonate and produce a short sound. This is probably the trouble of all such tools, i will understand how to solve this problem


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